Barb TenEycke Fine Art

Paddler's Paradise 48 x 72, Acrylic, Sold

This piece was created after a paddling outing in Killarney in August 2015. (George Lake) The main reason for the trip was to gather inspiration for paintings to be worked on over the winter in my studio. I found it fascinating that on some sides of the lake, the rocks had a beautiful pinkish tone, while on the other side, hills of grey white rock rose out of the lake. (Apparently Quartzite) As we paddled, I thought about Tom Thomson and the Group of Seven, and I felt as though I understood their passion, their tenacity, and their reverence for the land. Although I would hardly consider myself an avid outdoorswoman in the sense of these beloved artists, I do find that I can relate to their stories. After starting painting relatively late in life, I find myself with a growing desire to see more, and paint more. I truly believe that painting the landscape has taught me to love and appreciate the land. I feel more connected and observant than at any other time in my life. For this, I am deeply grateful. Barb TenEycke