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Shipping to U.S. by special order. Contact us directly by email to arrange a shipping quote.
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I was so delighted to find out that Mine was the successful bid at the DVSA annual auction. Your sense of colour is just gorgeous. I would do a workshop in an instant if you ever decided to host this one. Please please.
Liliana Catalfo - 9 Apr 2018 

Beautiful landscape paintings. I especially love the feeling of the mist in the painting of the field and forest. Reminds me of home :)
Eileen Korponay - 5 Oct 2016
I CAN'T BELIEVE HOW AMAZING YOU ARE!!! I LOVE YOUR NEW WORK - LOVE IT! LOVE IT! LOVE IT! We have 5 pieces of your incredible work already and am so stoked to have our next piece, your "TREE viewed through the barn doors; 'Canada Flag'" -what an amazing concept! and so personal to our Canadian hearts - although we are from many places around the world, we proudly call Canada our home! The happy I get, every time, I am able to look at one of your pieces in my home, is priceless - I wish that for everyone who stops by to take a "peek" at your work - I urge them to go the next step and make sure to have at least one of your pieces, hanging in its special place in their home, for them to enjoy any time they "stop by". They will be so happy they did! Awesome work Barbie!!! I am so grateful for you and your talent! Warm regards, Susan
Susan Carrelli - 8 Aug 2016
My wife went to Art in the Park yesterday and brought your card home.I looked up your stuff online and could not believe how talented you are. We both paint and many millions of persons do as well. BARB trust me when I say how humbled I am after seeing what u do wirh a brush and paint. "You are able to lift a scene from nature and transplant it in an eccuting way on canvas. Hail to the 9th Wonder of the world
Paul Dias - 2 Aug 2016
Your art is stunning! It evokes the feelings that I experience when I am in the backcountry. I look forward to seeing some of your paintings in person!
Jason DiMichele - 19 May 2015
Thanks Barb - Mel Bothwell Inglis is a great friend of mine and I love your work!
Deborah Peel - 2 Feb 2014
Awesome talent!
Susan carrelli - 27 Oct 2013
Great work!
Nancy Cedolia, Decor Studio - 9 Oct 2013
Enjoyed your gallery!
Leslie MacKay - 8 Aug 2013
Your pretty painting it was great and good. I am a painting too I do the same work as you.
Ali wilcox - 2 Aug 2013
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