Barb TenEycke Fine Art

Photo credit: West of the City Magazine, Photographer Nikki Wesley

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After a lifetime of weekending in cottage country, Barb TenEycke has a reverence for the diverse landscape of Ontario. She is fascinated by lighting and atmosphere, and how to best express these things using her authentic voice as an artist. She has exhibited in numerous shows, including the McMichael Gallery in Kleinburg. Her works are currently hung in several galleries throughout Ontario.

Having a background in interior design, Barb enjoys working with clients on custom commissions.  

“When painting the Canadian landscape, my main interests are elemental; water, rocks, trees, skies. I am particularly drawn to the way light interacts with these elements. Movement is another aspect that I strive to convey in a painting. Rushing water, gentle currents in a forest stream, and trees swaying in the wind are challenges that I eagerly take on. Connecting the viewer to a memory or emotion is the ultimate reward.”